10 Tips for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

1. Get rid of your own expectations. These days, no matter who is paying, “the bride and groom are the captains of the team, and they’ll say what happens and when,” says Sharon Naylor, author ofMother of the Groom (Citadel Press, $16) and The Mother-of-the-Bride Book (Citadel Press, $16). Too much input from you can cause them a lot of stress when you should be trying to be their support system.                                                                                                                 
2. Pick your battles. If there are elements you’d love the wedding to have
―a certain ethnic tradition, a mother-son dance―choose the most important one (or few) and present it as a request.
 3. Start out on the right foot. “Tell the couple, ‘Here are some of the things I might be able to help with―just tell me what you want,’” says Naylor. “That will often get you invited in to help more than if you try to bulldoze them.”
 4. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. “Make sure that what you volunteer to help with is realistic,” she says. “Especially on the weekend of the wedding, with family in town, you may not want to be stuck ironing tablecloths for a big party you offered to host.” And you don’t want to cause panic when someone has to be recruited at the last minute to fill in for you.
5. Get to know the in-laws. Traditionally, after the engagement is announced, the groom’s parents reach out to arrange a get-together, but there’s no need to stand on ceremony. Often the bride and groom will invite both sets of parents to a dinner to meet and discuss initial thinking about the wedding plans.
6. Don’t try to outdo the other mother. It can only cause friction for you and potential stress for the kids. You both should be in it for them.
7. Let the bride’s mom pick her dress first.Custom says once she has chosen hers, she lets the mother of the groom know the color, length, and style so she can choose a complementary dress (keep the wedding photos in mind). Both moms should stay away from whites and the colors of the bridal party.
 8. Don’t invite people too soon. Don’t start calling relatives as soon as the engagement is announced. To avoid an etiquette gaffe, wait until the guest list is finalized and you know how many people on your side can be accommodated.
 9. Practice discretion. “If you’re not crazy about some person or some element of the wedding, keep it to yourself,” says Naylor. “Otherwise, that gossip will inevitably end up floating around at the wedding, and it could cast a shadow on the couple’s big day.”
 10. Give a sentimental gift. If you’ve paid for a part of the wedding or honeymoon, consider presenting them with something sentimental, like a family heirloom. Or, from the registry you might choose a pie plate your son or daughter will use at every holiday and think of you. This is a way to say, ‘We welcome you into the family,’ and reflect that there’s life after the wedding.
Source: http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/weddings-etiquette/10-things-mothers-bride-groom
Photo Source: www.newbeginningsdjs.com

Made It To The Front Page!!

Just Wanted To Share My Excitement Of Making It To The Front Page Of Etsy!!


This year I wanted to try something a little different from the year after year of dragging out all the Christmas stuff ( I mean A LOT!) I wanted a blue frosty look with Snowflake accents.  So after a little pinterest hunting I found a little inspiration, which turned into a magnificent and elegantly simple design perfect for my fireplace mantle.

So if you are looking for a little decorating ideas for your Christmas here is what you will need.

~ Beer bottles, wine bottles or any bottle and color of your choosing
~Epson Salt
~ Glitter
 ~Adhesive Spray
~ Clear Coat Spray
~One large floral spray (this needs to be bigger than the rest, either in height or size)
  for the middle bottle or your focal center piece.
~ One large floral spray (this one should kind of spray out from all sides, to add depth)
~ 6-9 little sprays of different textures and slight color variations ( I used a matte silver and a sparkly  glittery spray for the sides of my fireplace display).


First find a spot where you can cover your table with plastic. Then make sure your bottles are clean and free of labels and any liquid                 
 Then pour in a box or shoe box a little large than your bottle.  2-3 cups of Epson salt and your glitter.

Then spray your bottle with adhesive ( you might want to put gloves on your hands, things can get a little sticky!)  Then put your bottle in your box and cover with the Epson salt glitter mix.
Let settle for about an hour and then cover with clear coat.
 Next start adding your sprays, and if you are like me you will fiddle with this untile you come up with your perfect combination!

Happy Crafting and....


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Autumn Is Upon Us!

I cannot believe how fast time has flown!  We are now in to one of my favorite seasons, Autumn. This is when my lovely Autumn faery does her best work, especially since I have neglected my flowers this year, it was way to hot to get out there and weed all those flowers.  My Autumn faery has a little extra work cut out for her this year since we lost our beloved cat - Alicia she is now part of our garden and we will plant an extra special flower in her honor.

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Remember faeries are all around us. 

                                Happy Autumn Harvest!

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Summertime Fun...

           Tahitian Sun

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Here Comes Spring...

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 Happy Spring!


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