Made It To The Front Page!!

Just Wanted To Share My Excitement Of Making It To The Front Page Of Etsy!!


This year I wanted to try something a little different from the year after year of dragging out all the Christmas stuff ( I mean A LOT!) I wanted a blue frosty look with Snowflake accents.  So after a little pinterest hunting I found a little inspiration, which turned into a magnificent and elegantly simple design perfect for my fireplace mantle.

So if you are looking for a little decorating ideas for your Christmas here is what you will need.

~ Beer bottles, wine bottles or any bottle and color of your choosing
~Epson Salt
~ Glitter
 ~Adhesive Spray
~ Clear Coat Spray
~One large floral spray (this needs to be bigger than the rest, either in height or size)
  for the middle bottle or your focal center piece.
~ One large floral spray (this one should kind of spray out from all sides, to add depth)
~ 6-9 little sprays of different textures and slight color variations ( I used a matte silver and a sparkly  glittery spray for the sides of my fireplace display).


First find a spot where you can cover your table with plastic. Then make sure your bottles are clean and free of labels and any liquid                 
 Then pour in a box or shoe box a little large than your bottle.  2-3 cups of Epson salt and your glitter.

Then spray your bottle with adhesive ( you might want to put gloves on your hands, things can get a little sticky!)  Then put your bottle in your box and cover with the Epson salt glitter mix.
Let settle for about an hour and then cover with clear coat.
 Next start adding your sprays, and if you are like me you will fiddle with this untile you come up with your perfect combination!

Happy Crafting and....


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