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In Andalusia there are an abundance of Gitana or Gypsy as commonly known to us. While I was there visiting there was a place just beyond Sevilla where the Gitano's favored the most. It is called Triana, a suburb of Sevilla in the providence of Andalusia.

The story goes that this area of Triana and Sevilla was so drought stricken that the people of that area mainly Gitano's started to move out of the area and just about made the area deserted. Until one day a women came into the area and started weeping uncontrollably. She had lost her husband and child tragically. So in her crying she cried out to God (Dios) and begged him to make it rain so that she would find love again. As all stories go, she got her wish and it rained for several weeks. The Gitano's and the other people of those cities proclaimed her the Virgin of Rain or Virgen Del Rocio. Rocio also means dew.

There are many, many stories related to the Virgen Del Rocio which include famous pilgrimages, all of which date back to King Alfonso The Wise around 1270 A.D. The pilgrimage begins in the town of Almonte and sometimes the Gitano transfer the virgin to different areas of Andalusia in times of drought, famine, etc.
This particular story is from a Gitano of the family Contreras, who are relatives of my late husband. They are descendants of many, many Gitano's. I am honored to have been bestowed such a wonderful story. In Sevilla today, about 25% of girls are named after this miraculous women, who wept until it rained and saved herself and her city from disaster.

                                              Spanish Romani people-Yevgraf Sorokin, 1853

Gypsies have a way of expressing themselves through dance.  I witnessed that first hand in college and later when I traveled to Spain. While I was at Western Michigan University, Studying Theater and Dance.  I had to opportunity to take a one day workshop with the Grand-Niece of Carmen Amaya: Omayra is just as beautiful at dance as her Grand Aunt~~ Here is a sample of Carmen Amaya's Work:

While in Spain, I visited with many Gypsies and became addicted to Flamenco. Who knows, maybe I am one in a past life. The passion that they have for dance and music is incredible and very hard to describe without taking you there. So you see, Gypsies hold a very special place in my heart.  They are full of passion, life and believe that all people have a soul mate.  They make me proud to have known some of them and will carry on the knowledge of their heritage to my son.

Earrings measure 2.5 inches.  I used gold charms, red beads and black swarovski crystals to complete these beautiful earrings.

May we all have a little Fae in our hearts and Gypsies in our souls...
Melissa @ Rainwater Studios

Autumn Faery's Delight Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Autumn Faery's Delight- Necklace Description:
My favorite faery would not let me make another piece of jewelry until I showed all of you her favorite piece. This is my faery who takes care of all my flowers in the fall and makes sure they come back alive in the spring.

I know it's a little early to be thinking Autumn since we are only beginning Summer. But this piece has so many great colors in it I could not hold back. I think this necklace will look great all summer long and well into fall.

Necklace measures 22 inches.

Green Pixie Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Green Pixie Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: Green Pixie Earrings Description
Dainty and cute just like a pixie. Pixies are variously described in folklore and fiction.

Pixies are said to be uncommonly beautiful. Throughout the many eras, especially in Cornwall and Devon, England. Where many pixies are said to dwell. There were also many Victorian era poets who saw them as magical beings.

Here is one such poem...
‘Tis said their forms are tiny, yet
All human ills they can subdue,
Or with a wand or amulet
Can win a maiden’s heart for you;
And many a blessing know to stew
To make to wedlock bright;
Give honour to the dainty crew,
The Pixie are abroad tonight.

-Samuel Minturn Pecks

Amethyst Glow Pendant or Brooch by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Amethyst Glow Pendant or Brooch by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
Amethyst Glow- Pendant or Brooch Description:

This is an upcycled brooch I found at a garage sale. I added the pearls and the amethyst facets from another piece of jewely I found there as well.

This piece serves two purposes. It can be worn as a brooch or a pendant. There is a hole in the back for you to put a chain on it and were it like a pendant.

Gold rope is for show only. If you would like me to make a necklace to match please email at:

myrainwaterstudios@ or convo me on my Etsy page.


Faery's Eden by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:

All Faeries have a favorite spot to play and frolic. Where the faeries play only a sensor can see. In the Realm of the Fae this is their paradise.

This wonderful necklace has been created from a very vivid dream I had. The necklace is an extention of my dream.

Necklace measures 22 inches.

                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~

* This Necklace and Earrings may be purchased as a set.
Please convo me at or email me @ www.myrainwaterstudios

FaeTeam Challange Leche De Luna Milk Moon by rainwaterstudios

~~~My First FAE (Fantasy Artists Of Etsy) Challenge~~~     
FAETeam Challange Leche De Luna Milk Moon by rainwaterstudios: "FAETeam Challange --Leche De Luna ( Milk Moon)-- OOAK (one of a kind) Description
As a new member of FaeTeam. This is my first of I hope many challenges. I love being apart of a team that challenges themselves to new experiments, skills and setting the bar a little higher each month.

Here is my FaeTeam Challenge:

Leche De Luna - Milk of the Moon or Milk Moon
Based on all the research that I have done about 'milk moon or planting moon' this was the most curious to me.

Wikipedia states:

A substance which owes its name to a cave of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland . Luna's milk was known in the sixteenth century . The cave where he found himself called Mondmilchloch Höhle (Cavern of Milk of the Moon) and the substance was used to treat ulcers on the skin and various 'fevers', as well as cosmetic in the next three centuries. It consists mainly of calcite .
Moon milk was subsequently found in caves in several European countries, in America , Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia .
In March 2004, a group of espelólogos announced that a year earlier had found the first milk river moon of the planet in a cave Ernio Massif in the province of Guipuzcoa , Spain . According to researchers at the Aranzadi Scientific Society, the river flows for about 150 meters and has consistency of thick milk.

The moon usually occurs milk onto the walls of caves in a thick paste or almost solid, so the existence of the "river" is a curiosity. Analyses revealed that the liquid is composed of several minerals, and calcite, including quartz and brushite .

So you see not only does the moon play a role in planting, it also plays a role in healing.

Native American Shamans or Medicine Men,wear purple jasper to align their chakra with the earth. The jasper also serves as protection for the Shaman from evil spirits.

I combined the two findings from my research and made this beautiful piece for all of you to enjoy.

Faery's Ring Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Faery's Ring Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
Faery's Ring (Earrings) Description
In Celtic folklore there are legends of Faeries (Tuatha De Danann) to be exact. They are the people of Danu. Many believe that if you dance in the ring of the Fae you will enter their world and be forever in the 'Land of Fae.'

These beautiful earrings were created from a dream I had surrounded by a lush garden of greens and blues with flowers so beautiful that I felt I was in the Faery's ring myself.
I could not wait to share my dream with all of you. These earrings are a small snippet of the dream I had. Earrings Measure 2.5 inches

                                                                               ~~~~ Here is a little tidbit on Faeries~~~~
Fairy rings have featured in the works of European authors, playwrights, and artists from as early as the 13th century. In his Arthurian romance Meraugis de Portlesguez, Raoul de Houdenc describes a scene clearly derived from Celtic fairy-ring lore: The title character visits the Château des Caroles and sees a circle of women and a knight dancing around a pine in the castle courtyard. Meraugis is unable to fight the intense desire to join in, thus freeing the previous knight from the spell. Meraugis is helpless to leave the dance until, ten weeks later, another knight joins it and frees him. Fairy circles feature in works by several Elizabethan poets and playwrights. William Shakespeare alludes to them in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act II, Scene("And I serve the fairy queen, / To dew her orbs upon the green" and "To dance our ringlets to the whistling wind"),
 and The Tempest, Act V, Scene I:[19]

. . . you demi-puppets that
By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make,
Whereof the ewe not bites, and you whose pastime
Is to make midnight mushrooms, that rejoice
To hear the solemn curfew . . . .

Shakespeare's contemporary Thomas Randolph speaks of fairy rings in his Amyntas, or the Impossible Dowry (1638), and Michael Drayton describes one in Nymphidia: The Court of Fairy:

                             And in their courses make that round
                             In meadows and in marshes found,
                             Of them so called the Fairy Ground,
                              Of which they have the keeping.

Fairy imagery became especially popular in the Victorian era. Thomas Hardy uses a fairy ring as a symbol of lost love in The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886); the character Michael Henchard passes a fairy ring and remembers that he last saw his wife Susan there when he sold her to a sailor in a drunken rage.
Victorian poets who have referred to fairy rings in their works include Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Eliza Cook, Robert Stephen Hawker, Felicia Hemans, Gerald Massey, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
W. H. Cummings composed the cantata The Fairy Ring, and William Butler Yeats wrote of them in The Land of Heart's Desire (1894).

 May we all have a little Fae...
   Melissa @ Rainwater Studios

Sweet Pea Bridal Set by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Sweet Pea Bridal Set by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
Sweet Pea Bridal Set Description
This delightful set was created with the bride to be in mind.
I used an Elizabethan style for the necklace and added earrings and a double strand bracelet to match.
Perfect for the rehearsal dinner, wedding or anytime.

A bride to be will be delighted with this set.Don't forget the Mother of the Bride, Brides Maids or Maid of Honor would all adore this set as well.

Necklace measures 22 inches
Earrings measure 1.5 inches
Bracelet measures 8.5 inches

Email me if you would like diffent sizes for the necklace and bracelet. I will be happy to accomodate you in any size you might need.  My email is:

Dragon's Moon Pendant W/Suede Choker by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Dragon's Moon Pendant W/Suede Choker by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
"Dragon's Moon Pendant W/Suede Choker Description
In the dark they take flight,
flying by moonlight,
colors of blue, grey and sapphire bright.
The dragon moon shines bright,guiding their flight.
The swoosh of the wings as they pass by me in the night.
Did he see me,The Dragon King? I try as I might for his notice in flight.
For I am his equal,
Queen of the night.

-Melissa McDaniels

This Dark and mysterious pendant is the moon shone bright, with sapphire freswater pearls, blue sapphire swarovski crystals and grey pearls. This is sure to please the dragon in you."

Jason Charming the Dragon, Salvator Rosa


  AND THE WINNER IS...                                           

Congratulations Bernice!!! on winning these fabulous butteryfly earrings.

Be sure to check out my items available for sale at:

Also Check out my blogspot and website:

Georgiana Style Choker by rainwaterstudios on Etsy


Georgiana Style Choker by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: "Georgiana Style Choker Description
Georgiana(Duchess of Devonshire) is famous not only for her marital arrangements, her catastrophic affairs, her beauty and sense of style, and her political campaigning, but also for her love of gambling. She was reported to have died deeply in debt, even though her own family, the Spencers, and her husband's family, the Cavendishes, were immensely wealthy.

This my small tribute to her infamous style and taste.

Blue satin ribbon, antique brass blank, scrapbook paper and coated with Glossy Accents to give it protection and olde world style. A lovely silk rose and a teardrop ivory pearl top it all off.

Choker measures 20 inches"

Faery's Garden by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Faery's Garden by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: "Faery's Garden Description
Pinks, lavendars, greens and yellows dominate this whimsical clusters of color. A garden of inviting colors. Faerys are just the bonus.
Who couldn't use a little fae in their lives?

Made from antique brass chain and bead caps

Necklace measures 20 inches

Great piece to wear with anything."

Don't Forget Mom !!Jasper Brass Filigree Pendant by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Jasper Brass Filigree Pendant by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: "Jasper Brass Filigree Pendant Description
Antiqued brass butterfly filigree wrapped around a trapozoid shaped yellow jasper stone. Yellow Swarovski crystals, green and iridescent green beads, accent the lovely brass tones and textures of this piece."


**Here is my first contest of the year.**

These earring will be a compliment in what ever you wear. With that in mind I am GIVING these earrings away to one lucky winner. CONTEST ENDS - THURSDAY, MAY 6TH @ 12 NOON.

Here are the rules:
1. Become my friend on Indiepublic,Creative Souls*(*this only applies to those already on Indiepublic,Creative Souls), facebook,Google or twitter.
Here are the links:

2. If you are already my friend on any of the above mention then you must become my friend on one of the other pages. (I.E., Facebook or Twitter)
3. Visit my blog at, so the live feed will pick up your location and put it on my map. My own personal goal is to have 1 person from each state in the USA, visit my site at least once.
4. Leave a comment on my blogspot, so I know that you were there.
5. Email me @: when you have finished the above.

~~~~~~GOOD LUCK~~~~~~ ~~~~~~GOOD LUCK~~~~~~

Butterfly Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Butterfly Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: "Butterfly Earrings Description
Butterflies remind us of how we grow and age as people, first we start out as infants, a Chrysalis for butterflies, then we begin to grow and break out of the chrysalis and eventually fly away from home. Think of how delighted your mom will be when you give her these earrings. This will remind her of how much you have grown, changed and matured"

Dowager Duchess Of Hearts Necklace and by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Dowager Duchess Of Hearts Necklace and by rainwaterstudios on Etsy: "Dowager Duchess Of Hearts, Necklace and Earrings Set Description
Prim and Proper Dowager Duchess, fell in love with a man, once, and lost him to another woman. But, before he left, he bestowed this gift unto her. A necklace of hearts, with ruby red beads, red crystals, white and black pearls.
She wept with joy. He finally loved her. When she went to proclaim her love to him, he simply said. 'No my lady, I cannot accept that you love me, for I have seen hatred in your eyes towards me for years.'

--AKA- "Melissa McDaniels"


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