FaeTeam Challange Leche De Luna Milk Moon by rainwaterstudios

~~~My First FAE (Fantasy Artists Of Etsy) Challenge~~~     
FAETeam Challange Leche De Luna Milk Moon by rainwaterstudios: "FAETeam Challange --Leche De Luna ( Milk Moon)-- OOAK (one of a kind) Description
As a new member of FaeTeam. This is my first of I hope many challenges. I love being apart of a team that challenges themselves to new experiments, skills and setting the bar a little higher each month.

Here is my FaeTeam Challenge:

Leche De Luna - Milk of the Moon or Milk Moon
Based on all the research that I have done about 'milk moon or planting moon' this was the most curious to me.

Wikipedia states:

A substance which owes its name to a cave of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland . Luna's milk was known in the sixteenth century . The cave where he found himself called Mondmilchloch Höhle (Cavern of Milk of the Moon) and the substance was used to treat ulcers on the skin and various 'fevers', as well as cosmetic in the next three centuries. It consists mainly of calcite .
Moon milk was subsequently found in caves in several European countries, in America , Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia .
In March 2004, a group of espelólogos announced that a year earlier had found the first milk river moon of the planet in a cave Ernio Massif in the province of Guipuzcoa , Spain . According to researchers at the Aranzadi Scientific Society, the river flows for about 150 meters and has consistency of thick milk.

The moon usually occurs milk onto the walls of caves in a thick paste or almost solid, so the existence of the "river" is a curiosity. Analyses revealed that the liquid is composed of several minerals, and calcite, including quartz and brushite .

So you see not only does the moon play a role in planting, it also plays a role in healing.

Native American Shamans or Medicine Men,wear purple jasper to align their chakra with the earth. The jasper also serves as protection for the Shaman from evil spirits.

I combined the two findings from my research and made this beautiful piece for all of you to enjoy.

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