~ A Few Valentine's Treasures ~

 Just a little way to show your loved one your appreciation. These cute polymer clay heart earrings will adorn your loved one well. We all need a little love. ;)

Earrings measure 2.50 inches

                               Tiny Hearts Earrings
No matter the size our hearts, we all love to show our adoration for others. These small yet symbolic little earrings permeate love.

                     Victorian Rose Necklace
Simply elegant necklace with handmade polymer clay roses in colors of petal pink and dark pink roses with glitter hi-lights.
Victorians loved to adorn their necks, hats, fingers and shoes with little flowers and trinkets. This elegant necklace has the olde world flair and Victorian charm that you will want to show it off with your favorite outfit.
Necklace measures 21 inches.
drop from pendant 2.50 inches.
Necklace is one of a kind.

                                           Blood Red Rose Necklace
As I delve a little into the darker side of romanticism. This pieces gives off the darker side of the Victorian Era. Black was a common color. They loved roses and beads of all sorts. So I combined a little silver with black chain and blood red roses enhanced with black swarovski beads to create this elegant piece.

Necklace measures 22 inches.
This is a one of a kind.

 This adorable ring is part of my "edible delights" collection.
 Of course, the edible delights are the favorite foods we dream about,cakes, candy, fudge... or at least I do. I have a bake shop near my home that makes the most outrageously delicious, simply delectable cupcakes that look like roses.  

The rose is hand made from a beautiful petal pink polymer clay. The ring is adjustable so anyone can wear this. The rose is wrapped with gun metal. This tops off the illusion of a cupcake.

This is a one of a kind. The artistic ablilities, it takes to create these beauties I personally like to make each rose unique in it's design, so each rose may vary slightly to the next.
All of these gorgeous little treasures are available at my Etsy Shop.  As always shipping is free in my shop. 

~ Gorgeous New Items for 2011 ~

In the light of a misty moon, Hearn plays his magical convolvulus trumpet, heralding the arrival of a handsome prince. As he enters the enchanted forest of peacock feathers his heart is lost to the beautiful maiden asleep among the flowers. The prince’s mortal eyes are unable to see the group of playful fairies who with their winged friends enjoy the unfolding romance, as the spirits of the forest look on.
~Josephine Wall~

Gorgeous labradorite pendant encased with semi precious stones and czech beads to match to coloring of the stone. Hand coiled spirals enchance the beauty of the stone. Held up to the light you can see colors of smokey grey to midnight blue.

Pendant measures 2.50 inches. 
Green suede cord measures 22 inches

Eternal Love Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Eternal Love Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
 A lake that sets my heart a blaze
Like lovers lost in a distant gaze.
Eternal souls that have no name
Drawn together like moth to a flame.
An unspoken love that could never be seen
Unites two hearts with only a dream.
A love forbidden by lifes cruel fate
Longs for the kiss of its one true mate.
A destined encounter which never took place
Condemned our love and left no trace.
A bond once blessed and worshipped from afar
Can no longer be seen but written in the stars.
~B.L. Johnson~

Beautiful necklace created with symbolic ancient circles of love with ruby red garnets and black beads. Perfect gift for Valentine's.
Necklace measures 22 inches
~ Free Shipping is always available in my shop ~

                         ~ Matching Earrings ~


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