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This truly unique necklace engolfs the history of Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the height of the furniture era there were several bustling hotels in the downtown area. One was called the Herkimer Hotel.
The hotel was built in 1895 and it is still named that today. The ladies of the day used to frequent the cafe and diner for delicious food and wine, which was owned by a woman related to Louis Campau. Although it is no longer a hotel, it is now apartments for Veterans who are disabled or out of of work. A remarkable way to reuse something and honor our veterns as well. The key I used in this piece is from room number 69 in the old hotel. I also used an edwardian style button made by the old La Mode button company circa 1900-1910. To complete the necklace there are antique milk white beads and arora borealis crystals all are from the late 1890's to 1900's. This is such a gorgeous piece and has remarkable history behind it as well. A true treasure for any history buff.

Necklace measures 22 inches.
Necklace is one of a kind.

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Jazzy Moraccan Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Just a few of the favorite colors of morocco make these flashy earrings fun. These remind me so much of Morocco and the giant bazaar they had outdoors. This sights and smells are to die for and all the women are dressed in fabulously bright colors.

These earrings are a fun, flashy way to add a little Morocco to your day or night.

Earrings measure 3 inches.

Elven Mischief Pendant ooak by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Elven Mischief Pendant ooak by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
As the elves frolic and play, I can only imagine the little hat they have on their heads. You are only able to see the little feather the tops it off as they are bobbing in and out of the spring flowers dutifully applying their magic dust to bring the flowers and seeds to life.

Unique pendant made from a single stone that has no holes in it. The stone is from New Mexico and is truly unique.

Pendant drop is 2.50 inches.
Pendant is one of a kind.

Celtic Lass Earrings by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Sweet and innocent as the lass from the highlands. Her colorful frocks are the greens and purples of the heather fields she roams.
These are truly romantic earrings. They are a pure reminder of the time I spent in the highlands of Ireland and Glastenbury Tor.

Earrings measure 2.50 inches.

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~The Faeries Will Soon Be Frolicking ~

~ A Faery Speaks~               
What I am I must not show -
What I am thou couldst now know -
Something betwixt heaven and hell -
Something that neither stood nor fell -
Something that through thy wit or will
May work thee good - may work thee ill.
Neither substance quite, nor shadow,
Haunting lonely moor and meadow,
Dancing by the haunted spring,
Riding on the whirlwind's wing;
Aping in fantastic fashion
Every change of human passion,
While o'er our frozen minds they pass,
Like shadows from the mirror'd glass.
Wayward, fickle, is our mood,
Hovering betwixt bad and good,
Happier than brief-dated man, 
Living ten times o'er his span;
Far less happy, for we have
Help nor hope beyond the brave!
- Sir Walter Scott

This beautiful hand wire wrapped necklace is in adoration of the essence a faery must give off in order for some humans to see them. Delightful browns and golds illuminate from this fantastic piece.

Necklace measures 22 inches.
Pendant drop measures 3 inches.

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