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In Andalusia there are an abundance of Gitana or Gypsy as commonly known to us. While I was there visiting there was a place just beyond Sevilla where the Gitano's favored the most. It is called Triana, a suburb of Sevilla in the providence of Andalusia.

The story goes that this area of Triana and Sevilla was so drought stricken that the people of that area mainly Gitano's started to move out of the area and just about made the area deserted. Until one day a women came into the area and started weeping uncontrollably. She had lost her husband and child tragically. So in her crying she cried out to God (Dios) and begged him to make it rain so that she would find love again. As all stories go, she got her wish and it rained for several weeks. The Gitano's and the other people of those cities proclaimed her the Virgin of Rain or Virgen Del Rocio. Rocio also means dew.

There are many, many stories related to the Virgen Del Rocio which include famous pilgrimages, all of which date back to King Alfonso The Wise around 1270 A.D. The pilgrimage begins in the town of Almonte and sometimes the Gitano transfer the virgin to different areas of Andalusia in times of drought, famine, etc.
This particular story is from a Gitano of the family Contreras, who are relatives of my late husband. They are descendants of many, many Gitano's. I am honored to have been bestowed such a wonderful story. In Sevilla today, about 25% of girls are named after this miraculous women, who wept until it rained and saved herself and her city from disaster.

                                              Spanish Romani people-Yevgraf Sorokin, 1853

Gypsies have a way of expressing themselves through dance.  I witnessed that first hand in college and later when I traveled to Spain. While I was at Western Michigan University, Studying Theater and Dance.  I had to opportunity to take a one day workshop with the Grand-Niece of Carmen Amaya: Omayra is just as beautiful at dance as her Grand Aunt~~ Here is a sample of Carmen Amaya's Work:

While in Spain, I visited with many Gypsies and became addicted to Flamenco. Who knows, maybe I am one in a past life. The passion that they have for dance and music is incredible and very hard to describe without taking you there. So you see, Gypsies hold a very special place in my heart.  They are full of passion, life and believe that all people have a soul mate.  They make me proud to have known some of them and will carry on the knowledge of their heritage to my son.

Earrings measure 2.5 inches.  I used gold charms, red beads and black swarovski crystals to complete these beautiful earrings.

May we all have a little Fae in our hearts and Gypsies in our souls...
Melissa @ Rainwater Studios

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