**Here is my first contest of the year.**

These earring will be a compliment in what ever you wear. With that in mind I am GIVING these earrings away to one lucky winner. CONTEST ENDS - THURSDAY, MAY 6TH @ 12 NOON.

Here are the rules:
1. Become my friend on Indiepublic,Creative Souls*(*this only applies to those already on Indiepublic,Creative Souls), facebook,Google or twitter.
Here are the links:

2. If you are already my friend on any of the above mention then you must become my friend on one of the other pages. (I.E., Facebook or Twitter)
3. Visit my blog at www.myrainwaterstudios.blogspot.com, so the live feed will pick up your location and put it on my map. My own personal goal is to have 1 person from each state in the USA, visit my site at least once.
4. Leave a comment on my blogspot, so I know that you were there.
5. Email me @: myrainwaterstudios@yahoo.com when you have finished the above.

~~~~~~GOOD LUCK~~~~~~ ~~~~~~GOOD LUCK~~~~~~

1 comment:

  1. Hi Melissa,
    You have the most wonderful and beautiful Blog! So very impressive and creative.
    I don't have one and its overwhelming right now with my kindergarten computer skills.
    I'm curious how long it took you to set it up and is it added to and changed periodically?
    FaerieFlowers, Fairyqueencrochet



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