Ambrosia Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Ambrosia Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
Ambrosia is very closely related to the gods' other form of sustenance, nectar. The two terms may not have originally been distinguished; though in Homer's poems nectar is usually the drink and ambrosia the food of the gods; it was with ambrosia Hera 'cleansed all defilement from her lovely flesh', and with ambrosia Athena prepared Penelope in her sleep, so that when she appeared for the final time before her suitors, the effect of the years had been stripped away and they were inflamed with passion at the sight of her.

This unusual necklace is made from amber and green agate combined with brown iridescent beads. Brought together with the unique combination of the herringbone weave. This is a great fall necklace

Necklace measures 20 inches
Pendant measured sideways is 2.50 inches

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