~ Fantastic New Listings From My Studio This Week ~

Faerie Trails of Love Necklace OOAK One Of A by rainwaterstudios:

When faeries fall in love, they leave the most incredible trail of dust behind. It invigorates, inspires and even helps influence humans to fall in love. What is more beautiful than falling in love, whether it is meeting your child for the first time or that first kiss. Faeries inspire us all.

Necklace measures 22 inches
One of a kind heart pendant measures 1.50 inches


  1. So pretty! Lovely words on faerie dust, too. :D

    Thank you for adding my button to your blog, btw! *sparkle* Your blog is already listed in my favorites widget, but do you have a square button I can share on my art blogs post?

  2. Working on one as we speak, I will send it to you. ;)

  3. I love the wire work in front of the heart. So pretty!

  4. Thank you, its fun to do pieces when they have a little history.



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