~ A Moment Of Reflection ~

As fall is fast approaching and the first freeze is upon us.  My flower faeries decided to give my gorgeous roses one last hurrah of the season. This is now my time to reflect on some of the great memories that I have had with my family over the summer.  We took two great vacations, I expanded my business to the not only to include a shop here in town but more business on several internet sites and I have gained several new friendships.  All of which I cherish and adore.  I am also in the works of getting some of my first romance novels published, which will expand my horizons even more.  I feel that words cannot express my love, desire,passion  and hope for my family, friends and all the new endeavors that will fall on my doorstep. 
 So as you read my moment of reflection, I say to you, have you taken the time to reflect on what you have done over the summer or in you life in the past few months?  If not, isn't a good time to do so? A little soul searching never hurt anyone and the faeries absolutly love it when a mortal embraces their inner light.

Happy soul searching...




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