Pixie Sidhe Earrings Free Shipping by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Pixie Sidhe Earrings Free Shipping by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:
Pixies are said to be uncommonly beautiful, though there are some called pixies who have distorted and strange appearances. Some pixies are said to have some goat-like features. Others are said to be coltish in character. The humble pixie is a very misunderstood creature. Often confused with fairies, sprites and other creatures of the fae, they are in fact quite different. Beyond the higher of the pixie kind, most pixies can be described as angular, sometime indiscernible from male or female. Doors to the fae are often called sĂ­dhe which means door. These doors are often hidden and very decorative when you find them. Good luck finding these little doors, they are often seen in circles around a mound of flowers. Pixies are often mischievious, so be cautious for they are incorrigable tricksters.

Earrings measure 3 inches.

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