Beautiful Mackinaw Island

The more you look at the more you are in awe of the work that was done to build our beautiful bridge that brings the lower penisula and upper penisula together.  What manpower and hours, days, weeks,months it took to create such a gorgeous statement in Michigan's history.

Just look at the vastness of Lake Michigan. This lake is soooo gorgeous. Some may think it is an ocean.

Just think how many boats have been lost here beginning around 1692. 

Glaciers created this natural wonder, Arch Rock....

Here are two sides of the island.  It looks like you can see only endless water.

What a relaxing and historic vacation. For me, it reminded me of why I like our great state. What culture, history and beauty we have here right in our own back yard.

If you would like to learn more about Michigan and Michigan's History go to:

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