~~~~WOW! Where did June Go?~~~~

Even though I have been extremely busy with many things these last few weeks. I have manage to pull off some of these gorgeous treasures.

Eye Of Hera Earrings ooak by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:

These vintage scarf clips have been turned into earrings honoring the great Hera. She was many things, but most famously known for her hatred of Pelias, Paris for choosing Aphrodite and of course the most famous of all Heracles. (we call him hercules, don't ask me why 'its a mystery')

Even though Hera had her not so nice side to her, she was worshipped for many things, there are great monuments and sculptures honoring her. Hera had many items that she worshipped as well. One of Hera's favorite was a peacock especially there feathers. It is said that you can see the eyes of Hera in a peacock's feather.

Hera is one of my favorites in greek methology.

I used vintage scarf clips, mint green swarovski crytal, sapphire swarovski crystal, lime green swarovski crystal and czech fire beads.

These earrings are one of a kind.
Earrings measure 2.50 inches.

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