Dew Faery Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

               ~~These are just a few treasures that have come out of my studio this week.~~

Dew Faery Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:

In the faery realm all faeries have jobs. This necklace represents the faery in charge of making dew. She goes to each flower and gives them a special drink which helps her little flowers to grow. Look around early in the morning and you will find her remnants all around. But, don't let this little darling fae fool you--she is very mischevious!

I used silver wire, light pewter pearls, ivory pearls, light blue swarovski crystals

Necklace measures 22 inches
The drop from the pendant is 2.75 inches


  1. Pretty necklace with beautiful inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much Miss Val~ Appreciate the feedback.



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