Heather Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy

Heather Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:

The plant Heather is said to open portals between this world and the fairy world, and the Fae of this flower are especially attracted to shy people. In Scotland, heather is said to be stained with the blood of clan wars; thus, white is the luckiest heather and protects against violence.
Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with this magick herb can bring dreams foretelling good fortune. Burned outside with fern, it brings rain, and in Ireland, it has been used to conjure the spirits of the dead. In the Ogham alphabet, heather is U, Ura, and represents midsummer. In Scotland before Midsummer, farmers would carry a torch made from this plant clockwise around their fields to ensure a good crop and around their cows to make sure they would be fertile. In Wales, heather was considered a very lucky plant to have in the bridal bouquet. It makes a great besom for ritual, and because it is Mercury, it goes with all sorts of purposes and correspondences. Its sign is Gemini.

~From the Alchemy Works, NY, US at at http://www.alchemy-works.com.

The name Heather came up while I was researching for names to call my piece and the more I looked at the amethyst that I used and the copper, I was drawn to the name, Heather,not to mention the significance in the meaning.

The celtic people used swirls and cirlces to signifiy different meanings in their lives. I combined the two elements of celtice meanings into this wonderful work of art.

I used copper and polished amethyst stone. No holes are drilled in the stone. I meticulously wrapped each part of the piece. Pendant comes with a black suede cord with handmade clasps.

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