Rainwater Studios Gets A New Studios!

While embarking on a new path for my business, I realized that my jewelry business is growing by leaps and bounds.  So, since I was running out of room of my present place where I do most of my jewelry, mainly my kitchen.  I decided that I was going to utilize one of my rooms down in my basement and make it my permenant studio.  I needed a place where no kids were running through the house- my son and his many neighborhood friends, could interupt, pause from what they were doing and play with the many items I have strewn out on the table for my days work.  This project of mine has been a month in the making.  From cleaning out the room to painting the walls and the floor.  I am sure that it will never look this clean again. But, for a little while I will take pleasure in the clean new space and all that it has to offer.

My new studio before....

And after....


  1. Congratulations on branching out! Can't wait to see the beautiful jewelry you create in your new space.

  2. Thank you~ if it wasn't for the support of my fellow fae I don't think I would have grown this much.



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