~ Several Lovely Treasures From My Studio This Week ~

Dragon's Tear Necklace by rainwaterstudios on Etsy:

In lands far, far away. Dragons are friends and foe.
When a dragon's master passes on, they leave tears behind to the heirs of their deceased master. Only the female is permitted to wear the tear as a symbol of their loyalty to the family. The dragon's tear is said to be luck, prosperity and magic. Thus a necklace is made in the colors of the dragon to remind its wearer of its untold beauty.
The yellow briolett symbolized the tear of the dragon.

This gorgeous necklace is made from bronze pearls, iridescent green beads, lime green swarovski crystals, silver wire, silver chain, pewter pearls and a yellow briolett bead

Necklace measures 21 inches end to end
Drop from pendant is 2 inches

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